Touch Of Remembrance

Touch Of Remembrance is a special exhibition curated by Grace Noh featuring the work of nine emerging artists – David Atkin, Alison Chen, Chemin Hsiao, Jeesu Kim, Sona Lee, Joy McKinney, Elias Popa, Hiba Schahbaz, and Vanessa Turi – connected by a visual narrative context, Touch of Remembrance explores the everyday moments of encountering individuals of unfamiliar faces, who we call "strangers," and the complex process of individuals moving from strangers to non-strangers. The works on view include drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and videos – a selection of new and recent work of the nine selected artists.

Please join us for an opening reception on April 30th at 6pm at 103 Allen Street

On-Lined Paper

BFP Creative is celebrating the official launch of it's website at 6:00 pm tonight! Be sure to check out their online exhibition of drawings and works on paper at Here is my work for the show!

The Gift | 2014

The Gift | 2014

From the studio

This winter I worked on a series of small (6 x 9 in.) works painted with tea and watercolour on handmade paper from Jaipur. Here are some images (details) of the works in progress. Check back for images of the completed works on the website by the end of May.